How To Make Brand Advocates Out Of Satisfied Customers On The Social Media

The increased involvement of the creative content writing and the article writing in the social networking sites and social media has changed trends for the year 2013. A brand manager alone cannot deal with the promotion and advocacy of a brand. Therefore, the best way is to turn out the satisfied customers of the brand into potential brand advocates. Here are a few tips:

1. Believe In Your Satisfied Customers

The satisfied customers of a brand are the potential advocates. They are the people who, in the life away from the social media, advocate your brand in their companion circle. Believe in these customers. Even if these highly satisfied customers do not use influential tools or language for marketing your brand, yet their level of satisfaction will play a great part in your promotion of the brand.

2. Seek The Advocates

There are several ways of finding the advocates in the satisfied customers.

A. According to one trick, you can post on your social media site that ‘rate the brand from 0 – 10 with 10 being the highest number of satisfaction’.

B. You can check the people who share your posts on the social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pintereste etc. much more than anyone else. Believe in sharing and not liking. There are several software and applications for creating such a checkpoint.

C. You can check the active customers on your social media site and rate them in the table of highly satisfied customers, satisfied customers, average satisfied customers, least satisfied customers and unsatisfied customers.

3. Turning process

Don’t believe in incentives or gifts for bringing out the brand advocates from the satisfied customers. People are interested in the perks until they receive them once. You should adopt a different strategy rather. You can ask your satisfied customers to contribute to your social media site by writing reviews about their favorite products from your brand. In the social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintereste etc. you can ask the customers to post their favorite products on your page. People interested in such an activity would have the potential of becoming your brand advocate.

4. Amplifying

Separate an advocate who is highly interested in sharing the facts about your products and the features due to which he or they like your product. Amplify them by boosting up their morale and incorporating business expertise in them. You can teach them the tactics of SEO, keywords etc. You can also hire them on a temporary basis for some payment.

5. Track The Results

Check the results of the performance of an advocate analytically to plan the strategy for their future. If you feel that you are putting in too much effort in that advocate and the results are lower than expected, then you can switch to some other advocate also. Remember that you have to manage your time with the advocates. Your personal interest in the advocate should not influence your marketing performance on any social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pintereste or other social media forums.

6. Believe In Authenticity

Don’t buy the advocates. Such a marketing tactic now comes in black marketing. Bring out real and authentic advocates and trust their skills, however, analyze their performance frequently to save your time, money and effort.


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