We Still Believe in Quality

The last decade saw a change in setting minds by giving birth to and the rise of internet behemoths dominating markets: eBay in second hand good, Amazon in commerce, Facebook in social media, Google in search etc. But can they maintain that with mass adoption and an increasingly sophisticated customer?

The internet was the alternative choice to what they knew: buying and selling things on the high street, sending snail mail, dating offline, communicating and socializing the good old fashioned way.

The internet became that ‘other way’ of doing things with room for one or two big players in each field. It’s been a game of scale and winner takes all. Now there’s talk of Web 3.0 and big data. And the reason is simple. Consumers want choice.  Sounds obvious. How is that different to 10 years ago you may ask?

Mean time the incumbents haven’t evolved much to focus on delivering more specialist, quality goods and services tailored to them. They’ve remained largely ‘one size fits all’. I think the next wave of the internet will be about descaling to address an increasingly discerning and sophisticated user.  The sheer volume of content is making it harder and harder for the customer to find what they want, and mean time the customer is becoming more demanding more sophisticated and more segmented.

We just need to find a customer segment that’s tired of trolling through the eBay’s, Craig’s lists, Facebook, which is simple and useful as  http://www.usaveinclinics.com/.

The market is therefore becoming more fragmented and more demanding. But the quality still holds its roots

If the incumbents have done something well, its leveraging the network effects of these early adopters to reach scale and dominate their respective space.


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